Copper Furniture

Copper furniture from the Sierra Madres in Mexico, made with recycled wood from the surrounding haciendas.


 Alder Wood Furniture

100% solid alder wood made in interior Mexico available in a variety of finishes from light brown to black.



Colorful handcrafted pottery this art form originated in Spain in Talavera de la Reina and was brought to Mexico by the Spaniards in the 16th century.

Home Accessories

Tin handcrafted sconces, crosses of all sizes, Christmas ornaments and trees. Colorful paper and corn husk flowers made in Arizona and Mexico.

 Mata Ortiz Pottery

 Juan Quezada found ancient Paquime pottery and was lead to start his own line of pottery art. In The village of Mata Ortiz this art form has been passed down among the generations and is spun and painted still in the same manner.

Baskets & Rugs

Zapotec Indian Rugs, hand spun hand woven 100% wool made with all natural earth dyes in Oaxaca Mexico from Mayan descendants.


Handcrafted Pewter made in Mexico from picture frames to serving ware makes wonderful presents for any occasion


Southwestern scenes by local artist, Spanish Colonial by Latin-American Artists. Oils, Giclee, pastel and paper.

  Equipale Furniture

Traditional handmade 15th-century Mexican furniture from Jalisco, Mexico. Made from pigskin, cedar wood and willow.


Seasonal hand blown glassware from Mexico.


Assortment of one of a kind pieces of jewelry from local Tucson designers and American-Indian handcrafted silver and turquoise.


Our Clothing is a unique blend of traditional and modern international styles to fit any occasion. From Mexico and Bolivia to India and Nepal.

Peruvian Pottery


Handmade intricate church scenes of all sizes, and traditional storytellers.

Tarahumara Furniture

Completely hand crafted pine in rural villages of Copper Canyon by the Tarahumara Indian tribe.
Paper Mache'and Flowers

Handmade Paper Mache' and Handmade flower arrangements.
Distressed Fir & Rustic Furniture
Distressed fir wire brushed solid wood furniture specially designed for our store. Absolutely one of a kind.
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